Tuesday, November 4, 2008

3.0 Resto Druid Healing Rotation Revisited

See my original post here.

What looks good on paper must always be put to test in the real thing. Thats what I have been up to for the last two and half weeks. Since 3.0 LOKI has downed Kelacgos, Brutallus, Felmyst, and Twins. (M'uru dies tonight we hope!) This healing rotation has proved helpful and healing meter toppable (or at least bumping me to the top third), but I have done some tweaking. It has had positive effects on farmed content in BT, including Illidan. Farming BT the second night of 3.0 was my original "oh my God I suck now" moment. 

My original rotation had me tossing up Wild Growth followed by Lifebloom in pairs. I was quickly frustrated at Wild Growths tendency to splash wildly over to other 5 players and not stick on my tank, and my idiotic inability to prevent Lifebloom from expiring if it wasn't the first heal in my rotation. By making Lifebloom my first heal again, I can use GridStatusLifebloom to time my healing rotation. 

Hand in hand with "WTF won't WG stick on my tank?" is my filling the flex space in my rotation by spamming WG on the tank until it sticks, or I need to refresh my next HoT. Worst case scenario I'm healing the melee!

So my current rotation is: Two LB and a RJ to get started, then: LB, WG, RG, LB, WG, WG, RJ, LB, WG, WG, WG {REPEAT} Any Wild Growth casting can be easily replaced by a swiftmend or a pair of WG can be replaced by a regrowth on the raid. And of course there is the option of omitting a casting or two of the expensive spell for repositioning and mana regen. 

I am still running with Idol of the Emerald Queen My new spec can be found here

Feedback welcome!


  1. Works nice :) thanks for the tip :D

  2. But you have 16 more points unused in your spec, why not go for lunar guidance?

  3. Keep in mind this post was written 11 months ago. Since then talent trees have changed. Those 16 points were spend somewhere at the time, but I don't remember where.



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