Thursday, November 27, 2008

"i suck at resto druid healing help"

My site gets a lot of search hits for "resto druid healing" and such similar phrases, but the other day I got a hit from someone searching for "i suck at resto druid healing help". I giggled out loud. This totally made my day. 

If Mr./Ms. "i suck at resto druid help" is still reading my blog, I'm sorry if I wasn't able to offer any concrete advice of what to do now that Wrath is out, or what to do come level 80 since. My last blog post focusing specifically on resto healing was 3.0.2 related - when I was definitely feeling like "i suck at resto druid healing help". But if you are still reading, I hope my Steps to Thinking You Don't Suck as a Resto Druid in 3.0.2 at least gave you a laugh and the comfort of knowing you are not alone. 

And to all my other readers, if there really are 180-some of you out there, thank you for reading! It makes me feel special, even if I only entertain you for 2 minutes once or twice a week while you are at work. I never really though my blog would have close to that many readers. My only question to you all would be, "Why do you never leave comments???". 


  1. Because then you'd know we are watching you.... :-)

  2. Too lazy! I read in a feed-reader so it takes a click and some typing to comment...

  3. I'm sorry for not commenting more ;)

  4. I'm afraid I'm a bit lazy too... I at least try to respond to comments made on my site though, doesn't that count for something?

    - Byaghro (CasualWoW)

  5. The feed reader thingy made me do it. And the problem that I mostly read posts long after they were written ...

  6. Well, ill leave one for you now :) thanks for the info!

  7. Thanks! Better late than never!



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