Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Regretful Return to the Real World

*It took me three days to write this post because Yakra keeps wanting to quest. What is this "questing" he speaks of, and why don't I have time to blog anymore?

With great regret I returned to the real world. (I wanted to say to my students "I played 42 hours of WoW this weekend, what did you do?" I haven't actually told any the number. A few know I play and have asked about my level, but only one knows my toon's name and server.) It was really hard to pry myself out of bed, away from my PC, but mostly away from my loving husband and tank who I had spend an absurd number of hours with. 

Here is a recap of our 8 hours of playing on Sunday

Very early on we dinged 74. This was shortly followed by completing Explore Borean Tundra and achieving Nothing Boring About Borean. If you want my honest opinion, I thought Borean was more boring that Howling Fjord. I just adored the intricacies of the Varkul quest lines. My opinions reflect those of my husband's:
I'm very glad I didn't start in Borean Tundra. It generally feels like various bits of Westfall, Sithilus, and  Shimmering Flats stuck together, and the overarching plot felt far less cohesive then in Howling Fjord.
Some Borean Tundra highlights you don't want to miss: 

Dressing as an orc to kill Magmothregar for the gnomes at Fizzcrank Airstrip. I love the cheesy mask! Because if an elf dressed as a orc, they wouldn't REALLY look like an orc

Riding on a Woolly Mammoth, which you must do any way to complete the hilarious D.E.H.T.A's little P.I.T.A. I loved how those quests in general felt like we were killing other questers. You know the pearl hunters were sent out to "Gather 20 Pearls" and the trappers were to "Empty 8 Traps" with promises of shinies at the end. Alas and alack, there were PCs trying to stop them. Anyway, Yakra and I grouped up with our IRL friend (Kiarina - Hunter), who happened to spend the weekend at our house to complete these quests. It took us a long time to pose for this picture as wondering mammoths kept getting in our way!

Riding Dusk the beautiful Death Knight mount to complete Finding the Phylactery. (I'm I weird for thinking the Death Knight mounts are gorgeous?) I am liking the free rides across the highly rendered landscape, backed by the glowing northern lights. Please do these quests and treasure those "I love this game!!!" moments. 

On Sunday night Yakra and I headed over to Dragonblight. We didn't really get to quest there on Monday. Somewhere early in the night we dinged 75. Monday found us bagging Snowfall Glade Pups. When I first laid eyes on these little creatures, I thought they were absolutely adorable. Now that I have cropped and enlarged their photo they are pretty darn scary looking!

Another Monday Dragonblight highlight was completing Spiritual Insight. Another free "I love this game!!!" ride by light of the aurora, this time as a wisp!

We ended Monday night in Wyrmrest Temple. I couldn't refrain from checking out Alexstrasza and Krasus. I could hardly tear myself away from the computer. I would do either of them in a heartbeat. I think I feel A LOT of Blizzcon costumes coming on for next year!

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