Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Magnetic North(rend)

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This has been floating around in the back of my mind since a few days before Wrath release, when I was nervously anticipating the changes Wrath would bring. 

Magnetic North
~ By Less Than Jake

There's been borders and there'll be boundaries
And there's been times misdirection's found me.
There's been clear heads and there'll be clean slates
And times we'd find we'd pass the night away thinking:

For doing the same thing that they do.

There's been new starts and they'll be no sleep
And there's been times when inspiration's found me.
And there's been walls built and there's been worse days
And times we'd find we spend the night awake thinking:

All those people, they keep watching me.
All those people, they hate me. 
All those people, they watch me. 
All those people, are just like me.

Here is about the best version of the real song I could find on You Tube. At least you can hear the original if you haven't before.

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