Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Heroic 1 Drake and Heroic Malygos Down!

Edit for the heroic part, since its not really a given.

I'm one step behind Swiftmend - what else is new!

Yakra and I posing with the one, only and very sexy, Alexstrasza.
This fight did not go well for me so I will not hand out advice I am totally unfit to give. In fact, I should be seeking advice. I was not there for the one Drake OS kill, so hence no advice for that one, or even a picture. Maybe I will be there for two!

Welcome new readers who found me via WoWInsider - Shifting Perspectives! I hope you enjoy your reads and I hope you are finding the loot list helpful!


  1. Ooh, a wowinsider plug.. fancy!

    Grats on Malygos :)

  2. Congratulations on the mention and on your progress! :)



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