Saturday, February 28, 2009

So Who's it Gonna Be?

Think about all the stuff you learned from Phae... Did you make a list yet? (Syd did!)

Now can you imagine all awesome stuff she is going to teach to her little one? Pretty lucky kid to have Phae as their mom!

I don't have any kids (yet?) nor do I have a 10th of the subscribers Phae has, so I won't pretend I 'understand' the choice she had to make. I do, however, feel bad bothering her with one of my projects when she was probably only a few weeks pregnant and for, in general, giving her more resto druid stuffs to read on the internetz. 

Keeva has already cleverly illustrated what we are all feeling. My question is who will really be our replacement Mommy Tree?

Syd (World of Matticus) was my initial thought - she is a serious raider, raid officer, and writer. The huge majority of her posts are "druid info summery", similar to Phea's heavily read "Blue Post Posts". Syd already has the huge reader base from WoM, so when someone says 'Syd' everyone knows who they are talking about.

But... Syd is part of something bigger. WoM is the go to place for HEALERS, not for DRUIDS. When you want info on Druids at WoM you have to weed through all of the general healy stuff to find it. So I feel Syd is part of something bigger and more generalized right now, and she is already helping to fulfill a different WoW need out there on the interwebz. 

Well, then the next very obvious choice is Keeva (Tree Bark Jacket). Her blog went from brand new baby to polished resource center over night. She has her 3 Drakes healing movie, her Grid Guide, and now she is taking the mass amounts of time to compare all the different healing UIs. Informative posts, some of which are geared to healer druids just starting off, was definitely one niche Phea filled. Keeva also does a lot of blue post summaries and the community over at Tree Bark Jacket is positive and welcoming - Keeva said she may try to do community spot lights too. I'm sure her subscriber base is huge by now. She is listed on almost every druid blog's blogroll. 

Now Keeva admits she isn't a crazy number cruncher. I don't blame her, I always relied on Phea to work the numbers for us. (Keeva, go get good at number crunching so the rest of us can rely on you, imo! - Kidding!) But this brings me to my third thought...

Raaff (Druid Heal!) has been on top of the mana regen numbers and built a mana regen calculator right into his blog. Phea didn't update her's for the 3.1 changes (Obviously she has WAY more important and fun things to do, like nursery set up!). Raaff also knows what he is doing when it comes to a website. Most of us just fake it. Maybe Raaff will be our go to person for numbers, calculators, and such? He also has his easy to use guide, and keeps it up to date. 

Part of me wants to be all sentimental and community-ish and say that lots of blogs will fill different rolls that Phea used to fill in one place, but I think the community will want a one stop shop. And someone, over probably not a very log time, will shake out to be that druid blog - the new R4L. 

Phea will NEVER be forgotten by the druid blogging community. She set an extremely high bar and extremely welcoming welcoming committee for us all. Its been heartwarming to see that community seeing her off to her bigger, better, baby filled future with well wishes, promises to uphold the ways of druid blogging, and lots and lots of love!


  1. Very classy post. It's a great tribute to a deserving individual while also giving props to other notable figures in the blogging communtiy. I think you deserve your own note in the lower section of your post.

  2. The problem with my blog is that I focus on things affecting me, rather than thinking, "What are the issues affecting other druids."

    When I see people doing healing guides for heroics etc - I think "Why didn't I think to do that?"

    Because I have progressed past heroics, I don't think to post topics about them, or on other things that don't concern me (progression wise) anymore.

    I need to try harder in future to open my eyes more to things that druids of various levels of progression would like to see.

  3. Good post =)

    I hope that I can help out in at least some small way with the "math" in place of Phae. I'm sure that all the great druid blogs out there will step up to do her proud!

    I'm really glad to be part of the resto druid blogging community... you all are, well, the shizznit.

    Excuse me while I go get a wee bit emotional over here for a sec... /sniffle

    =P <3

  4. My only personal hope is that people won't focus on trying to be the number one druid blog, but rather simply enjoy blogging and put out what they would like to write. Phae's style of blogging was amazing, but it also contributed to her burn out; she felt it completely necessary to respond to every single commenter, only write druid things, obsessively check her e-mail, play the PTR, run spreadsheets, do math, etc. I think rather than expecting that all of one person, it's better we keep a diverse blogging community, where we all know we can go to each other if we need help with different things.

    The new resource may actually become the Daily Druid!



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