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Ulduar Healing Guides for Resto Druids (an Index)

When I was healing officer for LOKI good healing guides were much harder to come by. Now in Wrath there are many people writing quality or funny guides or posting their own videos of boss kills from a healers perspective. I am a strong believer that before you even attempt a fight you should read multiple guides and/or watch multiple movies about the fight. The more information you can get from different points of view, the better off you will be going into the fight. This is my attempt to make that fight self-education a little easier for the trees out there by putting many guides for a fight in one place.

I'm also hoping this will get some possibly less visited, but hard working guide writing druids a little more recognition for their efforts. Last but not least, I thought if we had many guides in one place the guide writers in the forest could see where our guide needs are the highest.

Most of you know I'm raiding much less, but I want you to know I still love raiders and raiding. This is kind of like a gift to you who are still raiding.

Criteria for Guides Listed

(1) Are from a blog, not a wiki or forum.
(2) Are by a resto druid OR contain resto druid specific tips OR are on a blog closely tied to a resto druid.


I tried my best to determine if a guide was a full fledged "guide" (describing or linking specific boss abilities, going over the entire fight not just healing intensive parts, suggesting healing assignments, giving diagrams) or just "tips" for healing that fight (shorter, not as all inclusive, great go-to places to recap the fight 15 min before you pull the boss, AND possibly more resto druid specific.)

I also tried to determine if they are aimed at 10 man, 25 man, or give a nonspecific overview of the fight. I grouped hard mode type guides together at the bottom. Finally, within those categories I ordered by date (that's why you will still see dates listed), because I needed some way to order them and I am not here to tell you "this guide is better than that guide." What is great for one might suck for another!

To Guide Writers

If I listed something you wrote and you feel I miss categorized it (guide vs tips; 10 man vs 25 man) PLEASE let me know. It was your hard work and I want you to be recognized properly for it! E-mails reading "You called my guide "tips" and that one over there a guide but mine is longer and has pics!" are TOTALLY acceptable.

If you have or know of a guide or anything remotely educational to someone who has never seen a fight, let me know and I will add it. You can only spend so long searching for, skimming, and linking guides you know you read 2 months ago before you start feeling a little stir crazy. I just had to draw the line and stop, but I know I'm missing some I saw before. I'm hoping for an "If you build it, they will come" scenario.

And of course, if I listed something of yours that you don't want listed, let me know and I will take it down immediately.

The Guides
Flame Leviathan
10 Man Tips (4-20-09)
25 Man Guide (4-20-09)
25 Man Tips (4-23-09)

10 Man Tips (4-30-09)
10 Man Tips (6-17-09)
25 Man Guide (4-20-09)
25 Man Tips (4-26-09)
25 Man Guide (6-4-09)
25 Man Tips (6-8-09)

10 Man Tips (4-30-09)
10 Man Tips (6-18-09)
25 Man Tips (5-4-09)
25 Man Guide (5-9-09)
25 Man Tips (6-8-09)

XT-002 Deconstructor
10 Man Tips (6-19-09)
Tips (4-28-09)
25 Man Guide (4-25-09)
25 Man Tips (5-1-09)
25 Man Tips (6-8-09)

Assembly of Iron ("Iron Council")
10 Man Tips (4-23-09)
10 Man Tips (6-24-09)
Tips (4-28-09)
25 Man Tips(5-17-09)
25 Man Guide (5-18-09)
25 Man Tips (6-8-09)

10 Man Tips (4-20-09)
10 Man Tips (6-24-09)
Tips (4-28-09)
Tips (5-5-09)
25 Man Guide (5-20-09)
25 Man Guide (5-30-09)
25 Man Tips (6-8-09)

10 Man Tips (4-20-09)
10 Man Tips (6-30-09)
25 Man Tips (5-24-09)
25 Man Guide (5-31-09)
25 Man Tips (6-8-09)

10 Man Tips (4-23-09)
10 Man Tips (6-30-09)
25 Man Tips (6-4-09)
25 Man Guide (6-6-09)
25 Man Tips (6-17-09)

25 Man Guide (6-21-09)
25 Man Tips (7-9-09)

10 Man Tips (4-23-09)
10 Man Tips (7-14-09)
25 Man Tips (6-30-09)
Guide (5-5-09)
Tips (7-16-09)
25 Man Guide (6-10-09)
25 Man Guide (6-19-09)

10 Man Guide (5-4-09)
Tips (5-5-09)
25 Man Guide (5-22-09)
25 Man Guide (6-12-09)
25 Man Guide (6-20-09)
25 Man Guide (7-15-09)

General Vezax
10 Man Guide (5-13-09)
10 Man Guide (6-10-09)
25 Man Tips (5-11-09)
25 Man Guide (6-23-09)

25 Man Guide (6-2-09)
25 Man Tips (7-5-09)
25 Man Tips (7-6-09)



  1. Thank you so much for collecting these in one place!

    -- Moonspeaker of Proudmoore

  2. There were so many good blogs to inspire me!!!

  3. Thanks for posting all of these! It is really helpful when they are all in one place. :)

  4. Awesome resource Aerti! And I absolutely adore the picutres =)

  5. Thanks guys! I was hoping people would think it had use and I'm hoping it will get some of these guides on all these sites more views.

    Pictures a-la the interwebz!

  6. Nice and structured post! Great idea!



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