Saturday, November 15, 2008

Warcraft's The Magic Kingdom

er... I mean Dalaran, The Floating City.

I was hoping to make it to 6am again today, but it just didn't happen. Yakra and I slept until 2 in the afternoon (after being up 24 hours) but we still crashed a 2am this morning. Yesterday was did manage to Ding 72, Tour the FjordExplore Howling Fjord, and get a ghetto summon to Dalaran.

Dalaran was AWESOME. I love this game so much. I think I spent 45 minutes just exploring every inch of the city. It felt like I was a kid at Disney's The Magic Kingdom, but I was totally okay with that!

In the Underbelly of Dalaran, I found an Underbelly Elixir which I promptly drank. It turned me into a Tuskarr!!! (with +50 fishing!) I was so cute! This will teach me to always drink things I find on the ground.

I stopped at the pet shop like everyone else and had a happy, shiny, pet on a leash.

I went and saw Rhonan and Vereesa. Since I read The War of the Ancients I have wanted to go see them. 

And of course I got my picture taken with the fruit vendor!

Other quests and activities of note:

After you cleanse your inner turmoil for the quest The Cleansing, you get a few minute slowfall buff. You can then jump off the epically huge mountain in the Howling Fjord and float all the way to the bottom. It was a great view!

I am loving everything that has to do with the Vrykul. I hope I'm not done with them just because I'm done with Howling Fjord. One part of the story line has you kill a Frost Wyrm and its Master. How epic and beautiful!

Well, Yakra is up already, so we are going to hit the Borean Tundra again! See you at 73!

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